Friday, August 20, 2010

Utah State

Matt is now OFFICIALLY an Aggie! He used to go to BYU-I but I converted him to the better university... UTAH STATE!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

ENGAGED! great it is! The night Matt got back from Indiana, he proposed!! I was SO surprised and thrilled! I thought I was surprising him by taking him to the Joseph Smith Building restaurant. We had a wonderful dinner and watched the sun go down. We then walked around Temple Square. He was guiding me with his arm around my waste while we were walking. I got a little anxious so I stopped to hug feel the tempo of his heart. All signs were normal. He couldn't be proposing. So we then walked over to the reflection pond and sat on the curb. We continued talking about our lives together and made promises to each other. We decided it was getting late and we didn't want the car to be towed. He helped me stand up, then hugging me. He reached in his pocket without me knowing, grabbed the ring box and got down on one knee....The rest is history.