Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hawaii Honeymoon

Hawaii was beautiful! We were able to go this last March for our honeymoon. I know... we got married in September, but we had school two days after we got married so there was no time for fun. We stayed in Waikiki but our favorite was the country side of the island.


Here we are in Richmond, Virginia. Matt works for AMP security and every year we get sent somewhere new over the summer. I absolutely fell in love with this state! We met some wonderful people and made great friends. There were trees EVERYWHERE and mountains were no where to be found. It is different from idaho.

Before I moved back to get us situated for the fall we decided to visit Washington D.C. We drove to a nearby city and took the metro into D.C. and after much confusion we made it! We saw the Lincoln memorial, and the White House (which wasn't as big as I imagined).
On our way to the Smithsonian Museum we looked behind us and and there was a GIANT storm cloud that appeared out of no where! I asked Matt if we should head back but he said the storm would "blow over" Well we continued walking and as the wind started to pick up we were questioning our decision. We ran into a chinese woman working at a hot dog stand and asked her for directions but she said, "I have to time! Can't help!", as the wind procceded to blow her umbrella into the busy street. Soon after that we heard a huge crack of thunder and suddenly we were in the middle of the biggest rain storm we'd ever experienced. We decided to bag the idea of the museum and run to the metro station. Matt and I were completely drenched and lost and all of a sudden it seemed like we were the only ones in all of Washington. We ran into a porta-potty. Matt said the Metro station (which is a whole in the ground without any signs) was a little farther and we just had to run 50 more yards. Being the incredibly trusting wife that I am, I ran with him. We were hurdling giant puddles and running as fast as we could go. After a while we decided we were indeed lost. Luckily we ran into a security guard and he said it was behind us. We ran back and we found the metro station...right behind....the porta-potty. It didn't help that we took the wrong metro and spent the next hour switching from metro to metro. Great experience! I'm so lucky to have someone that could laugh along with me in those situations.
This is us soaking wet riding home...on the wrong metro