Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1 Year Anniversary

It's crazy how fast this year has gone by! If the first year is the hardest, I think the rest of forever is smooth sailing from here on out! We were able to spend most of the day together so we went to Hamiltons to eat, then for dessert we had a bite of our wedding cake. It was frozen and after a year it didn't taste that magnificent but my mother kept stressing that we had to eat at least a bite. Matt is now working in Grace, Idaho farming potatoes and I'm working for the University in Logan. This January we are headed up to Rexburg for school. Matt was going to BYU-I when we met, then I sold him into going to Utah State. He didn't like it much here and Byu-I has my major (Communications) so I decided to give in. I'm really optimistic about far :)

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! We'll be getting to that point in just over three months more and life only gets better as time goes on. You two are great! Keep blogging, cuz I love to see you two smile so much!! :-D