Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The baby is a.....


    Matt and I decided to find out the gender of the baby a little early (17 weeks). I had a dream about having a baby girl the very day after I became pregnant. Then when I found out I was pregnant I was convinced the baby was a girl. However, my pregnancy was really easy. They say you get more sick when you are having a girl. I had some morning sickness but I just found myself hungry ALL OF THE TIME! I wasn't craving the "girl" cravings. Mostly I wanted pizza and pickles. Not together though, that's just gross.

   At our very first ultra sound a doctor told us it was a boy. I said, "you don't know that, you can't even tell". He asked me how the sickness was going and I told him I was fine. He said, "yep, it's a boy". My heart sank. I reeaaaallyyy wanted a girl! My older sister told me to convince myself that it was a boy so I don't cry during the ultrasound if the baby comes out to be a boy. That way if it is a girl I will be thrilled! Well I grew up a little in the last two months and decided a boy wouldn't be that bad.

    All signs pointed to the male gender anyway. I accepted the fate and convinced myself it was a boy. The only problem was Matt and I couldn't agree on a name. On our way to the ultra sound we were discussing boy names and I was feeling so frustrated that we couldn't find common ground on ONE name! Once we made it into the doctors office the technician asked us what we thought our baby was. We both said boy and right off the bat she told us she knew what the gender was. Matt said, "it's a boy?" The technician said, "actually....It's a girl." I will always remember Matts face when he heard "It's a girl". Don't get me wrong, matt is thrilled. He is just a little nervous about raising a girl in the world we live in today. I know he will do such a great job and be so extremely over protective of her. I am beyond excited for this sweet little baby girl to come into the world. No names yet...we decided to take a small break and maybe we can agree on a name this time :). So grateful :)

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