Thursday, December 6, 2012

SURPRISE! Baby time!

It was the morning of our two year anniversary. I woke up and I felt a little...funny. I quickly remembered I was three days late. However, being late wasn't really a big deal for me. I decided to take the test anyway. I remember as I was taking I was mad at myself for wasting the $7 for the test. As soon as I looked at it, there  it was. A plus sign. My hands were so shaky that I dropped the cap in the toilet.
I wasn't sure what to do next. I wanted to tell Matt in a cute surprising way, but it was early in the morning and I wanted to tell him soon. I had a marker in the bathroom, so I wrote on the mirror, "Happy anniversary, your going to be the best daddy ever! love, Tia". I then turned off the light, and got back into bed. Matt woke up and asked why I was breathing so hard. I couldn't help it, I just found out I was pregnant! I could barely breathe! I said, "no I'm not, I just dropped my brush in the toilet. Will you go get it?". As he got up and started walking towards the bathroom he said, "is there pee in there?" I said, "yes...". He was still half asleep when he walked in the bathroom. He looked in the toilet, there was the cap. Then he looked at the mirror but the light was too bright for his eyes so he looked a little funny trying to read it. After all of that, he looked down in the sink and there was the positive pregnancy test. He was excited and it started our anniversary off on just the right foot. We are 16 weeks and just yesterday we got to hear the baby's little heart beat again. We decided to find out the gender next Monday. Matt and I think it's a boy, but the Chinese baby calendar says girl. Let's see who is right!

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  1. No doubt about it! It's going to be a . . . baby! lol YEAH, MATT and TIA!! I'm excited for you! I actually found out via my wife who saw the announcement on Facebook. It'll be fun! Definitely something to look forward to!